Gyproc Multipurpose Gypsum Plaster

Gyproc Multipurpose


Rhinolite Multipurpose Gypsum Plaster

The Brief

Gyproc aimed to unveil its groundbreaking RhinoLite Multipurpose Gypsum Plaster, boasting its best formula yet ensuring superior coverage and smoother finishes.

With a focus on outperforming traditional alternatives on the market, the primary objective was to generate awareness and engagement among contractors, applicators, and buyers.

The Goal

To create a buzz both internally and externally. Deliver creative post artwork and simple, compelling copy for social media, the Gyproc website and article images, emphasising the key feature of the enhanced formula – higher coverage.

The Solution

We executed a comprehensive strategy:

  • Crafted simple yet engaging digital content and visuals, emphasising the product’s key features.
  • Launched an internal campaign, educating Gyproc staff about RhinoLite Multipurpose and it being strategically featured on the company’s first-ever South African billboard.
  • Directed all communication on social media to a dedicated product page, creating a centralised resource for potential customers.
  • Designed eye-catching mirror stickers, posters, and Coca-Cola tags for internal staff, serving as constant visual reminders to further product awareness.
  • Firmly established RhinoLite Multipurpose as the go-to industry standard for experts in the industry.



Scope of work

– Social Media Content Strategy
– Digital Content Creation
– Internal Campaign

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