Isover Summer Campaign

Isover Summer Campaign


Live Your Best Summer Insulation Life!

The Brief

Imagine standing in the aisle at a store, perplexed and trying to decipher what insulation is.

The challenge was clear: demystify insulation by answering the most asked-about questions. Isover wanted to ensure that the average homeowner and DIY enthusiast understood how insulation transforms one’s space in the summer season.

The Goal

To be bold and answer the insulation puzzle, transforming confusion into clarity and indifference into enthusiasm. Picture Isover’s Aerolite Soft Touch insulation as not just an essential product in a home, but a part of a comfortable and savvy lifestyle.

The Solution

To achieve this, we employed the following strategies:

  • Bite-sized videos and mini-tutorials for various social media platforms.
  • Introduced relatable characters, Anel and Neo, living under the same roof, unravelling the mysteries of insulation, its perks, and why it’s a game-changer.
  • Simplified intricate topics and the complexities of energy-saving and thermal insulation into simple snapshots and storytelling.


Isover South Africa

Scope of work

– Campaign Strategy
– Content Creation
– Digital Marketing
– Creative Direction

The ‘Live Your Best Summer Insulation Life’ campaign successfully shifted perceptions around insulation.

By addressing the internet’s burning questions and challenging industry norms, we positioned Isover as a brand that goes beyond the technical, into how a product can revolutionise the way you live.

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