Isover Summer Campaign

Why educating your audience is cool

When Isover South Africa handed us their summer campaign brief, we knew we had to think outside the box. In an industry full of perplexing terms, jargon, and specs, we needed to be the guiding light that appears for their consumers and fans. 

Insulation is a mystery to many: what is it, anyway? Is it a worthy investment?

In our universe, ignorance is not bliss. It’s a one-way ticket to lost engagement.

That’s why we introduced the ‘Live Your Best Summer Insulation Life’ campaign. Through bite-sized videos and mini-tutorials on various social media platforms, our mission was clear: teach the world about insulation – what it does, how it can help, and what happens if you’re stuck without it.

During shoot days, the North Tribe team and the Isover crew seamlessly blended insulation education with a friendly and approachable ‘Did-You-Know’ vibe that everyday Joes could relate to; something that could inspire DIY enthusiasts and new and current homeowners that change is possible.

On the pocket of the everyday South African who cares about contentment and safety in their living space.

We answered the internet’s burning questions – and the magic happened!

We kickstarted a conversation challenging the conventional wisdom that brick-and-mortar holds all the answers. Isover was not just pitching insulation as a solution in one’s home, they were presenting it as the epitome of a comfortable and savvy lifestyle all year round.

This expanded in-store too, where that quintessential way of life
(a simple decision to use insulation) can be communicated and understood.

Educating an audience can transform confusion into clarity and indifference into enthusiasm. Demonstrating what the average customer thinks about before a purchase can be a simple tool for figuring out all the rest.

Here’s to living the best summer insulation life!


Live Your Best Summer Insulation Life